Custom-Built Computers

Computer Medix offers a wide range of options when it comes to Custom Built PC's. We will build a computer to suit your specific needs, based on what you want out of your computing experience.

We use only the highest quality parts, unlike other stores and computer companies. Don't waste your money on those "too good to be true" computer deals you see advertised by Dell and other large companies. They are inferior computers and you get exactly what you pay for and less. Even worse, some of them have only a 90 day warranty. That means they have no faith in the product they're offering you.

We are a registered Microsoft OEM System Builder, which means our computers come with "Genuine" Windows software.

There are also other great benefits to buying from Computer Medix. Besides getting some of the best quality machines available, you will get to meet with and discuss your PC needs with the person who actually builds it. We will carefully explain all of the options, so you will only buy what you need. Try that at a large retailer. You walk in expecting to spend $500 and by the time they're done selling you all the accessories you "must have", you've spent 3 times that amount.

We build to order, so the prices vary based on the specific components used, but we do have affordable systems for you to choose from. You can view our current price list or stop by our store for details.





We don't build them to be cheap, we build them to last!!!