Computer Medix now offers data recovery services for the following items:

  • Hard Disk (Desktop & Laptop)
  • RAID
  • USB Drive
  • MAC
  • iPod
  • Memory Card
  • Tape
  • Removable Drive
  • CD/DVD

Supported Data Loss Situations:

  • Hard Drive Failures
  • Formatted Drives
  • Clicking Sound
  • Mishandling of drive or computer due to shock or dropping
  • Virus Attacks
  • Human errors comprising of accidental deletion of data
  • Lost or missing partitions
  • Unable to mount or execute data
  • Corrupt data
  • Blue Screen of Death



*** If you ever have a need for recovery, immediately stop using the drive / computer in question and bring it in immediately. Writing additional files to a drive, lessens the likelyhood successful recovery.


Disk Doctors


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